1.8 Metre Hoop Pine Stump & Roots
Vermeer SC60TX Stump Grinder – Grinding 1.8 m Hoop Pine Stump & Roots
  • Low ground pressure tracks spread the weight of the machine so as not to damage your driveway or lawns and yet provides a wide stance for stability on slopes, grinding stumps, traction in wet conditions and bogey sandy soils.
  • The rubber tracks retract to allow for access through a 900 mm narrow gateway
  • Remote control offers the operator a constant visual on the work, whilst being in full control at a safe distance.
  • The machine will cut a stump from 690 mm above ground to 400 mm below ground level.
  • Direct drive cutting wheel and hydraulic functions exert maximum force resulting in quick removal of the tree stump and roots.
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