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I offer either stump removal or stump grinding.

With stump grinding being less detrimental, quicker and cheaper option it is also environmentally friendly as the stump is turned into mulch which is beneficial by promoting earth worms, micro organisms and helps retain moisture in the soil.

Stump removal is usually the more costly option as with larger stumps you need a large machine to dig a crater the size of a above ground swimming pool to rip the stump out, then you have to have a place to burn it on site and they don’t burn easily as many people have found out or have the added expense of loading it onto a truck and taking it away for someone else to dispose of it, then you have to refill the ground which should be compacted to minimise a bog hole when you have weather events, rainfall and runoff will percolate through the loose soil leaving you with a sodden bog hole. You also have the concerns of the stumps lateral/root system tearing up underground services which maybe in the area.

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