Q) If I have another written quote from another company can you better it?
A) Yes in most cases I can better their quote by 10% or more

Q) We had an excavator try to dig out the stumps can you grind them out now?
A) Yes, my stump grinder is a specialised machine that can tackle any size stump.

Q) Will it be cheaper now?
A) No, they have usually made a mess of the job now.

Q) We had an excavator dig out the stumps what can we do with them now?
A) You have only moved the problem, most tips won’t take large stumps.

Q) We had an excavator dig out the stumps can you grind them now?
A) Yes, sometimes but it usually costs more, see the Gallery photos.

Q) I’m busy do you have to come out and inspect the job prior to quoting?
A) If you can email or MMS some photos, description, measurements of stump/s at ground level, amount of stumps and available access, then I should not need to come out prior to quoting.

Q) How much do you charge ?
A) Stumps are usually priced on size per foot @ ground level plus roots, each job is assessed on it’s on merits and priced accordingly – I have a minimum charge of $150.00 plus G.S.T. – this is accomplished by bundling small jobs together on the same day.

Q) How far underground can you grind the stump down ?
A) Usually 400 mm below natural ground level, but have ground them down to 850 mm in raised garden beds and footpath areas when working in conjunction with another machine to move the mulch and soil away.

Q) How many stumps can you do in a day ?
A) Depends on size, the most stumps I have ground down to just below ground level is 206 stumps for a customer at Mother Mountain.

Q) Whats the biggest stump you can grind out ?
A) Any size stump, the biggest I have ground out was a Camphor Laurel Tree stump at about 3.5 metres Ø  just below ground level at One Mile State School for a Brisbane Demolition Company in 2013 to make way for a new classroom.

Q) How far do you travel from Gympie ?
A) As I charge for travel this can be expensive, the furthest I have been out is Kogan (out past Dalby) for 2 local businesses due to concerns that the stump and roots could damage the Optic Fibre Telecommunication line when the stumps were dug out – so they were ground down.

Q) Do you Dry Hire your machine ?
A) No – stump grinders, rotating machines in general are dangerous and should only be used by trained personal, there have been numerous horrific injures and deaths which can be found on the internet.

Q) Are Stump Grinders dangerous ?
A) Yes – I minimise the danger by using a Purpose built well Engineered machine. After every day I spend at least 2 hours servicing the unit before it goes out to the next job. maintenance is paramount in maintaining a safe and reliable Stump Grinder.

Q) Can you grind the stumps if they are out of the ground ?
A) If the stump has been blown over by wind and some of the roots are still connected to the ground then – yes.  If the stump has been ripped out of the ground and is above the ground level then – It has to be held in place by another machine.